First developed for those suffering from kidney stones, Shockwave treatments were created to help break down the kidney stones into small pieces, allowing them to pass through the urethra easily.  

Years later, it was found that Shockwave treatments were beneficial for cellulite treatments and other medical applications such as shoulder injuries, Achilles tendonitis, and any pain of the muscles. 

Cellulite is caused by a layer of fat that snuggles underneath the skin. Fat cells structure are accumulated and attached to each other, giving them a more lumpy look as opposed to our skin, which is more smooth. With the Shockwave treatment, acoustic energy is generated and breaks down the fat cells, helping to break down the accumulated fat cells into smaller groups – giving way to smoother looking skin.

The Shockwave System

High energy radial Shockwaves is scientifically proved to have a large impact on collagen structure and the skin connective tissue as well as improving blood circulation. Shockwaves stimulate collagen formation, while improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

High-energy radial Shockwaves are scientifically proven to have a large impact on the collagen structure and the skin’s connective tissue. Shockwave treatments are also great in improving blood circulation, giving the body better blood flow and helps keep your skin look tighter and less saggy. Shockwave treatment’s help in stimulating collagen formation improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Benefits of Shockwave Treatment

  • Non-invasive cellulite and fat treatment
  • Tightens skin
  • Firms and contours the body
  • Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Inhibits formation of localised fat
  • Improves and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Painless

Shockwave Treatment Duration

Shockwave Treatment Downtime

  • There is no downtime after the Shockwave treatment.


1. Is the treatment painful?

No, many patients have said that this treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

2. How soon can the results be seen?

Obvious results can be seen after 2-3 sessions, but it will usually take up to 10 sessions to complete the treatment.

3. Are the results long-lasting?

Regular refresher sessions, exercise, and a balanced diet will help prolong the results.