Pink Intimate System

The darkening and discolouration of the skin around the intimate areas such as between the thighs and underarms can cause a loss in self-esteem and cause concern in women everywhere. 

The Pink Intimate System is an ideal non-invasive solution to help women everywhere regain the youthfulness of external vaginal tissues that were lost over the years. The innovative Pink Intimate System is the first peel that helps lift, whiten, and rejuvenate the intimate area, allowing each woman who undergoes this treatment feel more positive about her body.

The procedure of the Pink Intimate System will not only improve their self-confidence but also improve intimacy during intercourse.

The Pink Intimate System

The Pink Intimate System contains:

  • Stabilized monochloroacetic acid to help lift and rejuvenate the tissue in a non-traumatic way and without irritation
  • Enhanced kojic acid to help whiten tissues in depth
  • Nutrient and bio-stimulating factors that help reactivate the natural regeneration processes
  • Bisabolol and glycyrrhetinic acid to help soften and reduce any physiological irritations

The Pink Intimate System here at VIPPS is safe, effective, and produces guaranteed results simply after applying the product after one session. No special precautions are required before the Pink Intimate System treatment and the procedure is quick and gentle. 

With its clinically formulated lightening ingredients, the Pink Intimate System has a perfect non-invasive peel that can lighten areas including your private areas. It is capable of removing unsightly blemishes and pigmentations on delicate areas of the body.

The Pink Intimate System can be used on:

  • mons pubis
  • labia majora
  • perianal region (whitening)
  • inguinal area (whitening)
  • aerola area
  • underarms
  • lower butt

Benefits of Pink Intimate System

  • Whitens and rejuvenates intimate areas
  • Immediate lifting result
  • Reduces hair growth

Pink Intimate System Treatment Duration

  • Depends on the treated area.
  • Advisable to repeat treatment until the expected result is achieved, or as maintenance.

Downtime for Pink Intimate System

  • There is no downtime


1. Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is comfortable and only takes a few minutes. It is not painful or has a stinging sensation, however, some women may experience a mild tingling sensation during the treatment.

2. When can patients expect good results?

The brightening result can be seen as early as the first treatment session, however, generally good results can be obtained by the 3rd session.

3. How long do the results last?

Results can last for several months depending on the individual and the recurring aggravating factors, which can induce dark spots again.

4. How many treatments would patient need for optimal results?

One session a week for 4-5 sessions is recommended and one session a month to maintain the results obtained.