Eximia Body Contour

If you’re looking for a fast, non-invasive body contouring that helps with slimming your body and giving your face a more rejuvenated and youthful look, the Eximia Body Contour is here to help. 

Eximia Body Contour refers to the combination of two technologies that are proven to treat cellulite. The treatment helps those who want to lose weight, reduce fat, and remove their double chin. The technology used in the Eximia Body Contour treatment is capable to work effectively on areas of the body that are slightly more difficult and delicate such as the arms and neck. 

This is an ideal solution for reducing fat, improving oxygenation, removing the excess centimetres off your waistline, smoothing out cellulite, and helps to regenerate your body, making it more shaped, firm, and toned.

The Eximia Body Contour System

The Eximia Body Contour treatment is proven medical-grade cellulite-combating solution that is popular and used in over 40 countries. This system synergises the ULTRAPORATION and the ENDOLIFT method as a non-surgical technique for body reshaping. This results in remarkable, safe, and effective treatment. 

The treatment helps greatly in reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone, and giving a lifting effect. As it is safe, it’s no wonder a lot of people are opting for this treatment to help with their weight loss journey.

Benefits of Eximia Body Contour

  • Non-invasive cellulite and fat treatment
  • Skin tightening
  • Body firming and contouring
  • Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Inhibits formation of localised fat
  • Improves and reduces the appearance of cellulite

Eximia Body Contour Treatment Duration

Downtime for Eximia Body Contour

  • There is no downtime.